Saturday, July 28, 2012

Update on the Mockingbird

Good Saturday morning to you! Have you had your coffee yet? We had ours with toasted ciabatta, fresh from the oven.

Before things get crazy again on Monday, we thought it was a good time to share what's been going at the cafe/bakery. And it's plenty.

We made a new window.

Well, these handsome guys made the window for us.

We also made a new friend. Travis Williams from the Roanoke Times came for a visit and wrote a nice article. We emptied all the local paper boxes that day but you can read it here:

Last but not least of all, it was determined that the Mockingbird must be outfitted with a commercial hood and ventilation system. To this end, we are working round the clock but find that, if we are to open by summer's end, more help is needed. We're stoked over the nice things being said about having a cafe/bakery downtown and we really want to start serving soon, so we've decided to launch another IndieGoGo campaign. Details are here: but just know that the perks are aMAzing this go-round.

That's about it for today, but we leave you with this last thought.