Tuesday, November 27, 2012


As you might imagine, we've been pretty busy getting things ready for baking. In a space that was not previously a food service establishment, that's a pretty big job. Fortunately, we know just the people to get it done. One of them is Anthony Cromer of CCR Home Improvements. That's him, above, putting in our cafe window where there wasn't previously one.

There is also our wonderful landlord, a talented electrician, great glass crafters, HVAC experts, sheet metal artists and a host of those well-versed in code and licensing. And let's not forget parents, without whom none of this would happen.

We'll tell you more about them later. Today, we're taking a moment to thank Anthony and his crew and direct you to his new website.


We're hoping you'll help us spread the word, as well, so head on over and take a look. And next time you or someone you know is thinking about adding a new deck, getting the roof or siding replaced, or perhaps renovating or building a house, give CCR Home Improvements an opportunity to quote the job. We think you'll be happy with the results and find them easy to work with.

Here are a few before and after photos of the cafe, even though we're not quite finished:

The former tanning bed salon is on the left and our new kitchen with sunny yellow walls and a pass-through window on the right.

This week, we're working on the final improvement, a commercial kitchen exhaust system, but will leave you with this tasty thought:

Our vegan chocolate and vanilla wedding cupcakes & topper.

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